Friday, October 16, 2009

Indian cooking, early inspiration

Hema (whose name sounds like HEYma) wrote and here's some of the news:
I'm in Indore where Ravi's aunt is an awesome cook. So i'm getting some large quantities of home-made goodies... to share at the festival. And she is giving some basic home-made-flour for making chaklis (someone's blog has a photo of this). My mom is sending home-made vegetable pickles and some home-made masalas.

Also Hema had asked how she could help in advance, and I said we didn't have logo art, so...
Here is something Ravi and I put together today. It's got a monkey platter feel but is Indianised and has more of a special-day feeling. The foods are sweet and savory, hot and cold. All are snack items. Not main entree variety. The rangoli design drawn around the thali (plate) is hand made by me and my sister-in-law. The foods are made by Ravi's aunt mostly and one item by my sister-in-law.


  1. Thanks Sandra and Holly for putting up the image. We are so looking forward to seeing everyone at this festival.
    So is Schuyler coming to this event? i see her name in the blog list on the side. Is there another Schuyler? Is she far from London? We will be there for 5 days.

  2. And i forgot to mention they are all vegetarian items. Very rare to see meat being used in any Hindu festival.