Friday, October 23, 2009

Monkey Platter Countdown!

The time is getting close! Hema's family left India today. They're going to London, and then New Jersey, and then here.

Yesterday I was cleaning up the kitchen so we'll have lots of room for the Indian cooking demo, and I polished a silver tray and two silver bowls. I know kids will eat off plastic or paper, but hey... it's a big party!

I have lots of trays, so if you want to contribute foods to platters, you won't need to bring a plate or tray if you don't want to. We can use my stuff every day. Because of the SCA and medieval feast and camping projects over the years, and because of my thrift-store habits, we have lots of wooden and metal trays and platters.

I've reminded the hotel several times about wanting a sign-up page for our event, but I'm willing to give up on them. If you want to make a reservation at the Radisson for the Monkey Platter Festival, we have an $84 rate (and they'll add taxes). I had $90 on the page, but talked them back down. I'll go and change that.

So call 800-333-3333 or 505-888-3311 between 8 am and 5 pm Mountain time, and say you're with the Monkey Platter Festival. The available dates at that $84 rate are November 9-13. Double check that they say $84 base rate, and let them know whether you want a king or two doubles.

Do this pretty soon if you're using the hotel!

Pictures are here:

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