Saturday, November 14, 2009

Raghu under the tree

Raghu went across the park and sat under a tree.

He called his parents and sister over, too.

I heard that he gave each one a kiss. They all put their heads together. I'm glad there are some photos, even though it was an intimate family moment.


  1. This is awesome, as in fills me with awe...Holy!
    Love you All,

  2. Me too... feeling very full of love and joy Urmila... and thanks to Sandra... this feels immortalized. She is so good at sharing, posting, putting things together online.

  3. After I visited you in India, and looked back at this photo, I saw the vastness and quiet in a different way. It's just a city park near my house, but it's possible to be fairly alone there. And though we had a big group that day, I've been there with just one child or the dog and no one else in sight.