Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rangoli on Sunday

Because we forgot to do this on Wednesday at Tiguex Park, Hema showed us Rangoli.

The supplies are patterns (Hema has some in her head, but she brought two books, as well, and gave them to me), and powders. The white makes the design, and the others fill in.

We started on the front step, but it was too cold and too dry. The powder wasn't falling as it should have—static electricity or whatever dry air does.

We went inside and used the old wooden gateleg table Keith and I have had since we were young. So it's not authentic to do it on a table. It should have been at the front door and at the back gate. I still have the colors if anyone wants to come and try some.

The photos aren't in a great order, because they came from several cameras. And then there was a moment when I whined that I wasn't a good artist but I could surely sing. MY MISTAKE. Not that I was a better artist, but here, look: Couldn't sing, either.

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